Winners of the MTP Gold Medal 2023 competition


Three products were awarded in the edition of the MTP Group Gold Medal competition during the LOOK and beautyVISION 2023 fairs. The awards will be presented on the first day of the fair, April 15, during the award ceremony on the stage in Aleja Lipowa. We encourage you to familiarize yourself with the awarded products.


LOOK & beautyVISION – winners of the Gold Medal of Grupa MTP


EXPERT LASHES Foam shampoo for washing the face and eyelashes

Laboratorium Kosmetyków Naturalnych FARMONA Sp. z o.o.

The product EXPERT LASHES Foam shampoo for washing the face and eyelashes was launched on the market on 1 September 2020 and immediately became the leader among eyelash care products. It is a fragrance-free product that has a delicate and light consistency, thanks to which it does not irritate and can be used even on the most delicate skin. It is intended for both removing make-up from the entire face and removing strong eye make-up. The product was introduced as a response to the needs of our customers and consumers who regularly perform eyelash extension treatments. It is distinguished by its perfect consistency, INCI composition and nourishing formula. Compared to other products, it is distinguished by the lack of burdening ingredients and an affordable price. The high quality of the product is confirmed by numerous prestigious awards and distinctions. The product has been our bestseller for years and one of the best-selling Farmona Professional cosmetics.


BABYLON line Babylon Intelligent and Babylon Laminex treatments



Babylon is a complete hair care line that combines cleansing, care, styling and repair. The Babylon Intelligent treatment consists of four complementary sequential products designed to rebuild hair in the shortest possible time. The hair is rebuilt in the adaptation process, the ingredients work from the inside, the hair becomes strong, structured, nurtured and shiny. The Babylon Laminex treatment is a laminating treatment for shiny, more vigorous and healthy-looking hair. This is a gentle process that creates a very thin outer layer, giving the hair body, shine and volume. The hair is visibly thicker and fuller after the first application.


SQT Biomicroneedling – SQT Revitalising Set 

Hunan Sunshine Biotech Co., BEAUTY Barbara Lutnik

The products in the set are efficient and easy to use, the treatment procedure is safe and transparent. Marketing support and promotion for certified beauty salons. Opportunity to promote treatments in the media. Effects visible immediately after the treatment. Deep revitalisation of the skin, improvement of the structure, elimination of discolourations and imperfections, wrinkles. Long-lasting effects. Faster skin regeneration and better absorption of nutrients. Treatment loved by patients thanks to the visible improvement of the skin.

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